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About Us

Tokyo Catering Co.,Ltd. provides high quality catering services for the clients in public as well as private business sectors.

Launched the business in1971, originally as a cafeteria operating specialist,Tokyo Catering Co.,Ltd. has expanded the area of specialization. Today, its business areas cover the various types of catering services.

Head Office

3-2-14 kanda misaki-cho, chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0061 JapanGoogle Map

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Board of Directors

Kazutami Yoshida
Senior Managing Director
Noriaki Murayama
Seikichi Higa
Koichi Tamazawa
jun Nakazawa
Yasuhiro Sezai
Corporate Officer
Seiji Kihara
Corporate Officer
Kiyoshi Matuzaki
Corporate Officer
Harumi Mori
Corporate Officer
Shigeharu Chiga

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Our Services

  • Cafeteria Operations

    Cafeteria Operations

    With rich resources and experience accumulated over the years. We,Tokyo Catering Co.,Ltd. are well accepted by our clients and are aggressively expanding this type of catering business.

  • Restaurant Operations

    Restaurant Operations

    In addition to operating cafeterias owned by our clients, We have a subsidiary which directly operates its own restaurants.We place particular emphasis on retail business and on developing our own highly graded restaurants.

  • Catering Services

    Catering Services

    Our ability to cater for the specific needs within the budget has been well accepted and always exceeded customer’s expectation. We have affluent and proven know-how to serve the customer better.

  • Resort Operations

    Resort Operations

    We are also specialized in managing and operating the clients’ facilities with accommodations and restaurant. We have gained a reputation of being excellent in this category of business, always having met with the specific needs and requirements of the guest.

  • Facility and Asset Management

    Facility and Asset Management

    Facilities, such as dormitory or R&R Center, are no doubt valuable assets of our clients. We undertake to maintain and manage such facilities as a package. We have excellent ability to keep our clients’ important assets in the best condition at all times.

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